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Veuillez écrire votre nom d'usager et votre mot de passe pour gage_demo ci-dessous:

Ce cours permet l’enregistrement d’invités. Cliquer sur Invité afin de vous enregister dans ce cours en tant qu’invité.

Paramètres du compte


This is a sample course you can use to experiment with WeBWorK.

To login, use one of the login names and its password on the card you were given for this workshop. (Alternatively, click on the Guest Login button to view problems without supplying a password.)

If you login as a student (jdoe or jsmith), you will see the student interface and can work as a student.

If you login as a professor (profa or profb), you will see the instructor interface and can work as an instructor.

Site Information

The library and library index have been updated to include recent improvements.

The system and the pg code were updated to rel-2.12 (final version)

These changes were made on August 30, 2016.

Contact Michael Gage if there are issues.